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Telephone Hotlines for New York State

These phone recordings provide information about the birds recently reported in local regions. They are generally updated weekly. They are also transcribed and posted (along with other eastern RBAs) on the National Birding Hotline Cooperative's Archives website.

Buffalo & Western New York plus adjacent Ontario  
    phone: 716-896-1271     compiler: Dave

Hudson-Mohawk (Albany) Region   (Kingbird Region 8)
    phone: 518-439-8080     compilers: John Saville

New York City and Long Island Region   (Kingbird Region 10)
    phone: 212-979-3070     compiler: Tom Burke


New York ListServe

NYSBIRDS-L   5/23/09

NYSBirds-L is an email list focused on birds and birding in New York State. It is not for the discussion of pet birds or falconry, except as far as these topics directly relate to wild birds. The primary purpose of the list is to disseminate information about bird sightings in New York State in a timely manner. Questions and limited discussions on topics such as bird behavior, identification, conservation, and distribution, especially as these subjects relate to birds in New York State, are welcomed and encouraged. The List is not for the discussion of pet birds.

To join the list, send an email to , leave subject line blank, and the body of the message should read:

JOIN firstname lastname

Wherefirstname lastnameis to be replaced by your own first name and your last name.

The listprocessor is an automated system and will extract your email address from the header of your message.  Since a computer, not a person, will read your message, additional words to make the message more polite are unnecessary and will interfere with the computer's ability to find the information it's looking for.
You will receive a confirmation message after you send your email.

For more details, see

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