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Bull's Birds of New York State

Bull's Birds of New York StateThe "bible" of the state's birders since its publication in 1974, John Bull's Birds of New York State has now been completely revised and updated by the Federation of New York State Bird Clubs. This eagerly awaited survey of bird life in the state today provides new and thorough accounts of all 451 species on the official New York State checklist. The book features 7 new maps—4 in full color—and 30 striking sketches by bird artist Dale Dyer.

Birders will find chapters covering topics from the prehistoric birds of the region to contemporary bird habitats and the ways in which current classification is being affected by DNA research. The species accounts themselves pay particular attention to date parameters and frequency of occurrence, details that are important to the active birder. Where applicable, full subspecies discussions are included.

Meticulously prepared by the editor, Emanuel Levine, and the more than 70 members of the Federation who served as authors, this book will prove invaluable to birdwatchers statewide—whether backyard feeder watchers, casual birders, or dyed-in-the-wool enthusiasts.

EMANUEL LEVINE is Chairman of Publications for the New York State Ornithological Association (formerly the Federation of New York State Bird Clubs).

Check out the sample species account shown here for the House Finch.  See Gerry Rising's review.

Since publication of the revised edition in 1998, several new species have appeared in the state.  In addition the editor, Emanuel Levine, has asked for input from readers and birders on corrections and updates, including new late and early dates, new maxima, new breeding records, new records of birds categorized as "accidental", "casual", or "very rare" as defined on pg. 8 of the current volume.  These data will appear on this website, as well as being published on a regular basis in The Kingbird.  For current corrections and updates, click here.

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