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NYSOA 2007 Annual Meeting
Hosted by the Buffalo Ornithological Society
by Tim Baird
photos by Doug Beattie, David A. Gordon, Carena Pooth, Betsy Potter, and Herb Thompson

The Buffalo Ornithological Society hosted the 60th Annual Meeting of NYSOA over the October 5th-7th weekend.  About 150 participants came to Batavia, NY to enjoy a very well organized and productive conference.

Field trips, the delegates meeting, and informative presentations highlighted our Annual Meeting supplemented by good food and an opportunity to reconnect with birding friends from diverse areas of New York State.

Friday’s reception and meal were followed by a presentation on owls and owl rehabilitation by volunteers from Messinger Woods Wildlife Care and Education Center in Holland, NY. Live specimens of the Great Horned Owl, Barred Owl, Northern Saw-whet Owl, Eastern Screech-Owl, and European subspecies of Barn Owl where included in the program.  We were given the opportunity to view the owls up close following
the presentation.

Delegates Field Trip, Batavia Waste Water Treatment Plant, photo by Carena Pooth
Delegates' Field Trip, Saturday at Sunrise
Batavia Waste Water Treatment Plant
photo by Carena Pooth
click photo to enlarge
Marianne Hites with Great Horned Owl
Marianne Hites of the Messinger Woods Wildlife
Care & Education Center, with Great Horned Owl
photo by Carena Pooth

Saturday morning field trips occupied many of the birders attending the meeting.  The Batavia Waste Water Treatment facility became a magnet for birders as well as birds.  Trip highlights included Cackling Goose, Eared Grebe, and Peregrine Falcon. 

Delegates of NYSOA member clubs met for the business portion of the conference to hear officer and committee reports.  Two resolutions were considered and adopted by the delegates.  One concerned a NYSOA position on the placement of wind generating towers in New York State.  A second resolution focused on the DEC’s management for Spruce Grouse.

The delegates elected members of the Nominating and Auditing Committees for 2008.  The Nominating Committee will be chaired by Kathryn Schneider and includes Bill Cook and Tom Sarro.  Irving Cantor will chair the Auditing Committee, serving with Peter Capainolo and Isaac Grant.

The 2007 Nominating Committee’s slate of officers and directors was elected by unanimous vote.  Bill Ostrander is the new NYSOA President; Carena Pooth, the new Vice President; Tim Baird, Brenda Best, and Bill Reeves will continue in their positions of Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer, respectively. 

Two Directors were elected to fill expiring terms.  New to the board is Bob Adamo, and Bob Mauceli will continue with a second term.  John Confer was elected to complete the unexpired term of Carena Pooth.

Outgoing President Andy Mason presented Jeanne Skelly with a President’s Award for all of her efforts as secretary to NYSARC, including the overseeing of the conversion and storage of all NYSARC records on digital media.

A well organized and stimulating papers session filled Saturday afternoon.  Topics were related to western New York.  David Junkin discussed the intricacies of banding Northern Saw-whet Owls.  Dr. Robert DeLeon presented some of the data from 70 years representing about 20 million birds recorded during the Buffalo Ornithological Society’s April, May and October Counts.  Dr. Mark Deutschlander informed the listeners of experiments being conducted at Braddock Bay on migrant navigation.  Terry Yonker related experiences with radar imaging migrants and bird movements along the Buffalo Waterfront.  Dr. Stephen W. Eaton brought insights into the life of his father, Elon Howard Eaton.  William Watson rounded out the papers with a report of the dispersal of Great Egrets following breeding on Motor Island.

The Saturday banquet is always a climax to the Annual Meeting.  Awards presented this year included Certificates of Appreciation from

Dr. Robert DeLeon, photo by David A. Gordon
Dr. Robert DeLeon:  BOS April, May and October Counts: 70 Years, 20 Million Birds and Still Counting
photo by David A. Gordon

NYSOA to people kindly allowing birders access for observation of rare birds.  John and Muriel Stahl were recognized for accommodating observers of a  Western Tanager.  Norman Klein hosted birders and a Selasphorus sp. hummingbird.
Willie D'Anna accepting prize, photo by
  Willie D'Anna (right) accepting the
Howard Eaton Memorial Award
(and immediately working on his new gull's ID)
photo by Doug Beattie


Len DeFrancisco was recognized by NYSOA for his tireless efforts to effect the proper placement of wind power generators that would impact migrants along the Ripley Hawk Watch corridor in Chautauqua County.   Yigal Gelb and Nicole Delacretaz received the John J. Elliot Award for excellence in writing an article for The Kingbird.  The article,  “Avian Window Strike Mortality At An Urban Office Building”  appeared in the September 2006 issue (Vol. 56, #3).

The Lillian Stoner Award was presented to Theresa Rush, a recent graduate of SUNY Cobleskill.  Willie D’Anna received the Eaton Birding Society’s Elon Howard Eaton Memorial Award for contributions to New York State ornithology.

Saturday’s banquet ended with the keynote speaker:  Dr. Hector Galbraith.  Dr. Galbraith gave a very lively yet disturbing account of the impact global climate change is

having and is anticipated to have on living things in general and birds in particular.  Dr. Galbraith’s message made it clear that the earth is committed to warming for the foreseeable future. It is reasonable to accept the fact that life style change is inevitable if we are to mitigate the full impact of the Earth’s warming.

Willie D’Anna rounded out the Annual Meeting activities by leading several attendees on a birding trip to Goat Island at Niagara Falls on Sunday. A very low ceiling brought a good mix of passerines into the trees on this small island separating the American and Canadian Falls.  The observers found nine species of wood warblers and a good mix of other birds.


Published in New York Birders, October 2007

Keynote speaker Dr. Kenneth Galbraith
photo by David A. Gordon

More photos taken during the NYSOA 2007 Annual Meeting - Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

Buffalo Ornithological Society
photo by Herb Thompson

Sue Adair and her Wildlife Art
photo by Herb Thompson

Messinger Woods Barn Owl
photo by David A. Gordon

Barn Owl, European subspecies
(Messinger Woods bird)
photo by Carena Pooth

Northern Saw-whet Owl
(Messinger Woods bird)
photo by Herb Thompson

Eastern Screech-Owl
(Messinger Woods bird)
photo by Carena Pooth
Great Horned Owl, photo by Carena Pooth
Great Horned Owl
(Messinger Woods bird)
photo by Carena Pooth

Delegates' Field Trip
Batavia Waste Water
Treatment Plant at Sunrise
photo by Carena Pooth

Trip Leader Bill Watson
observing 4 Eared Grebes at
Batavia Waste Water
Treatment Plant
photo by Carena Pooth

Field Trip:
Cinnamon Marsh
at Tonawanda WMA
photo by Betsy Potter

Field Trip:
Ringneck Marsh
at Iroquois NWR
photo by Betsy Potter
Michael Morgante and Dr. David Junkin, photo by David A. Gordon
Moderator Michael Morgante
and Dr. David Junkin (right)
Banding of Northern Saw-whet Owls, photo by David A. Gordon
Dr. Mark Deutschlander, photo by David A. Gordon
Dr. Mark Deutschlander
Orientation and Navigation
Mechanisms in Migratory Birds

photo by David A. Gordon
Terry Yonker, photo by David A. Gordon
Terry Yonker
Bird Migration and Structure
Interaction Along the Buffalo Waterfront

photo by David A Gordon
Dr. Steven Eaton, photo by David A. Gordon
Dr. Steven Eaton
Birding With Elon Eaton
photo by David A. Gordon
Bill Watson, photo by David A. Gordon
Bill Watson
Post-Breeding Dispersal and
Migration of Great Egrets
from Motor Island

photo by David A. Gordon
Brenda Best and Dorothy Crumb, photo by Carena Pooth
Brenda Best and
Dorothy Crumb
photo by Carena Pooth
Kim Corwin and Kevin McGowan, photo by David A. Gordon
Kim Corwin and
Kevin McGowan
Editors of the new Atlas
photo by David A. Gordon
Andy Mason and Bill Ostrander, photo by David A. Gordon
Outgoing President
Andy Mason (left) and
Incoming President
Bill Ostrander
photo by David A. Gordon
Doug Beattie at Saturday reception, photo by David A. Gordon
Doug Beattie (left)
Master of Ceremonies
at the Saturday reception
photo by David A. Gordon

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