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Gallery of New York Rarities
Richardson's and Cackling Canada Geese

Dave Hoag photographed these small subspecies of Canada Goose - Hutchin's/Richardson's Goose, Branta canadensis hutchinsii and Cackling, B. c. minima) with flocks of Snow Geese (Chen caerulescens) near Ingraham, Clinton County during spring and early winter of1998. Photographs copyright of Dave Hoag 2000

The taxonomy of this group is complex and remains uncertain. Writing in the 1940's, J. W. Aldrich pressed for splitting Canada Goose into two species, a large Canada Goose (B. canadensis) and a smaller polytypic species, the Tundra Goose (B. hutchinsii). This separation is supported by more recent mitochondrial DNA analysis. Observers are therefore strongly encouraged to document any small Canada Geese seen in NY State, preferably with photographs.

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