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Gallery of New York Rarities
Black-necked Stilt Text and Photographs by Angus Wilson

Two adult Black-necked Stilts (Himantopus mexicanus) were found on the West Pond of Jamaica Bay NWR during the first week of June 1999. A fairly rare species in New York, with the majority of records from the southern part of the State in the spring and summer. Famous as a 'one-day-wonder' species, Andy Guthrie and I rushed down to 'the bay' after work on the evening of Thursday 3rd June 1999 and found the birds feeding quietly along the south shore of the West Pond. True to form, the birds had vanished by the next morning.

Figure 1. Feeding in the early evening of Thursday 3rd June 1999.
Photo by Angus Wilson ©, Jamaica Bay NWR, 3rd June 1999.


Figure 2. Detail of one of the two birds.
Photo by Angus Wilson ©, Jamaica Bay NWR, 3rd June 1999.


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