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Marked/Banded Birds Posted 12/27/11

Trumpeter Swan

These are not projects of NYSOA. This information is provided for birders who may encounter marked birds.

NYSDEC is requesting reports of wing-marked Trumpeter Swans.  During the summer of 2011, Trumpeter Swans in the Montezuma Wetlands Complex and at Perch River Wildlife Management Area were leg banded and marked with green wing markers to assess migration movements.  These birds were captured and released on site with wing tags that are green rubber ‘flaps’ attached to the patagium of the wings.  Each bird has one on each wing.  A 3-digit number is engraved in black on each tag.

Little is known about the migration of these New York birds.  If you observe a wing tagged bird at ANY location (local or far away) please report the sighting to the USGS Bird Banding Lab ( as well as Jim Eckler, NYSDEC Region 8, Bureau of Wildlife, or Andy MacDuff, NYSDEC Region 6, Bureau of Wildlife, at the phone numbers or e-mail addresses listed below. 

Jim Eckler, Wildlife Biologist, 315-365-2134

Andy MacDuff, Wildlife Biologist, 315-785-2534


     Tundra Swan with tags     Tagging a leg

     These swans are big! Placing the wing tags


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