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Federation of New York State Bird Clubs, Inc.

55th Annual Meeting
Owego, NY
September 21, 2002

Brenda Best

The 55th annual meeting of the Federation, hosted by the Naturalists Club of Broome County and the Tioga Bird Club, was called to order at 9:15 a.m. Roll call of member clubs revealed there were 39 delegates representing 30 member clubs; therefore, a quorum was present. After corrections were made to the 2001 Annual Meeting minutes, Bill Watson moved, and Dave Strong seconded, that the corrected minutes be approved. Motion passed unanimously.

President's Report by Tim Baird

“Thanks to the hosts of this year’s annual meeting of the New York State Federation of Bird Clubs, Inc.: The Naturalists Club of Broome County with assistance by the Tioga Bird Club. I thank also the Federation Officers for 2001-2002, the Directors, and the committee chairs for their hard work and dedication. Robert Schumann owner of Nuthatch Hollow Nature Preserve and the caretaker, Richard Zeccola have extended a welcome to the Federation as a site for our Board meetings this past year, and I thank them.

Our publications, The Kingbird and NY Birders, are a credit to this organization and their editors, Manny Levine and Sue Adair, respectively. The Federation’s Web site has been improved immensely in appearance and utility through the efforts and expertise of Carena Pooth, Barbara Butler, and Kevin McGowan. Atlas 2000 is going strong with three years already completed. The cooperation of a number of groups and individuals in this major Federation project is appreciated.

The Federation now includes 50 member clubs and another will be added at this meeting. Our individual membership continues to rise with over 700 members. Our dues structure was changed this year with a slight increase in most categories to help us keep our budget in balance. Brenda Best has taken over the management of publications and membership from Phyllis Jones and Valerie Freer.

New York State Avian Records Committee (NYSARC) is working hard and has brought their records up to date. Bob Paxton’s term expired at the end of 2001, and Dr. Shai Mitra was appointed to succeed him. The Federation continues to have a strong relationship with NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. Following Bob Miller’s retirement, Bryan Swift has been our link to the NYSDEC. Robert Budliger and John Fritz have been working on conservation issues of interest to the Federation.”

Reports and Elections

One new club has applied for membership. Tom Lehr made a motion to accept the application of the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary of Oyster Bay, which was seconded by Bill Lee. Approval was unanimous.

Bryan Swift gave a very informative report from NYSDEC, including updates on funding, personnel, and the status of various species and special projects in the state.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Bill Reeves who advised the Federation is in good financial shape. The Auditing Report confirming this was presented by Manny Levine.

Sue Adair advises articles for New York Birders are welcome. Manny Levine reports there were 17 photos in the September issue of The Kingbird, but that color photos are too expensive. Don Windsor has compiled a ten-year index to The Kingbird Volumes 41-50 which will be published soon.

Kevin McGowan advises that NYSARC is making very good progress and that the number of submissions has gone up. The 2000 report will be in the December issue of The Kingbird.

The Federation’s redesigned Web site includes member club information, and Barb Butler asks that she be advised of any updates. Future plans include adding links to member club field trip schedules.

Member clubs were asked to contact the Federation regarding any local conservation issues they may have.

The awards presented during the banquet were:

Certificate of Appreciation to Linda and Burt Goodnough, owners of the Green Point Marina in Sandy Pond, for hosting birders who came to see the Brown Pelican

Elon Howard Eaton Award to Carl George

Lillian Stoner Award to Jessie Barry (nominated by both the Rochester Birding Association and the Genesee Ornithological Society) and Mike Andersen (nominated by the Cayuga Bird Club)

John J. Elliott Award to Angus Wilson for his article on Curlew Sandpiper

Gordon M. Meade Award to Valerie Freer

Stanley Lincoln presented the report from the Nominating Committee. All current officers have agreed to serve another year and are therefore nominated. Directors nominated for the class of 2004 are Barbara Butler, Gail Kirch, and Andrew Mason. There were no nominations from the floor. Dorothy Crumb moved that the secretary cast one vote to accept the entire slate; Marty Borko seconded. Motion was approved unanimously.

Phyllis Jones advises that an index of the archives will be going online.

Jamestown Audubon Society, Lake Erie Bird Club, and Roger Tory Peterson Institute Ornithological Club will host the 2003 Annual Meeting at the Athenaeum Hotel at the Chautauqua Institution, October 31-November 2.

Marty Borko presented a resolution and background information regarding building a Visitor Center at Upper Delaware Park and asked for Federation support. Andy Mason motioned to accept the resolution; Phyllis Jones seconded. Motion was approved unanimously.

The slate for the Nominating Committee consisted of Stanley Lincoln, Kevin McGowan, and Phyllis Jones. Motion to accept the slate was made by Dick Miga, and Berna Lincoln seconded. Motion was approved unanimously.

The slate for the Auditing Committee consisted of Manny Levine, Irving Cantor, and Peter Capainolo. Barb Butler made a motion to accept the slate, and Sue Adair seconded. Motion was approved unanimously.

New Business

A proposal to change the name of the Federation was presented by Kevin McGowan, who explained the pros and cons and advised there was information at the Federation booth. Articles will be put both on the Federation Web site and in New York Birders. Official notification will be sent to member clubs as required by the By-laws, and delegates will vote on this issue at the 2003 Annual Meeting.

There was no new business from the floor. Motion to adjourn was made by Tom Lehr and seconded by Elaine Anderson. Meeting was adjourned at 12:06 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Brenda Best
Recording Secretary