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NYSOA 2010 Annual Meeting Brings Birders
From Across the State to Auburn, NY
by Tim Baird
photos by Ken Hodgson, Carena Pooth, and Herb Thompson

Tscache Pool, photo by Ken Hodgson
Tsache Pool at Montezuma

The Onondaga Audubon Society hosted this year's NYSOA Annual meeting the weekend of October 22nd—24th in Auburn, NY. Onondaga Audubon and the Montezuma Audubon Center cooperated to provide NYSOA delegates, members, and friends the opportunity to accomplish NYSOA business, hear informative speakers, see great birds and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow bird enthusiasts.

Friday evening events included presentations by Kristin France from The Nature Conservancy on a Migratory Stopover Project collecting data along the southern regions of Lake Ontario. Bill Evans held a Night Migration Workshop at the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center.

Several regional field trips were held on Saturday. Always a bird magnet, the vicinity of Montezuma NWR went the extra mile and gave some birders the opportunity to see a vagrant Gray Kingbird!

Field Trip to Happy Bee Heirloom Farm, photo by Ken Hodgson
Field Trip to Happy Bee Heirloom Farm
sponsored by Owasco Valley Chapter of the Audubon Society

Saturday morning included the Annual Meeting of the corporation where delegates heard reports from NYSOA Officers, Committees, and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The delegates elected officers for 2011, three directors, and the members of the Nominating and Auditing Committees.

Officers for 2011 are: Carena Pooth, President; Gail Kirch, Vice President; Joan Collins, Recording Secretary; Mike DeSha, Corresponding Secretary; and Andy Mason, Treasurer. Directors elected for 2011- 2012 are Victor Lamoureux, Shai Mitra, and Bob Spahn.

The elected Nominating Committee consists of Valerie Freer, Jerry Lazarczyk, and Berna Lincoln. The Auditing Committee members are Irving Cantor, John Cairns, and Peter Capainolo.


Gathering for the Night Migration Workshoop, photo by Ken Hodgson
Gathering for the Night Migration Workshop

The Paper Session organized by Kathy Schneider and Guy Baldassarre provided the audience with informative presentations. Speakers and topics included John Confer on California Condors, Stefan Karkuff on avian distribution in shrublands, Jeremy J. Kirchman on pitch pine—scrub oak migration stopover, Jeffery S. Bolsinger on vegetation management for birds at Fort Drum, Valerie Freer on Northern Saw-whet Owl banding, Gregory Russo on Eastern Wood-Pewee song repertoire, Joel R. Ralson on effects of climate change on boreal birds, and Shaibal Mitra on changes in status and distribution in New York State birds.

This year's meeting culminated with the Saturday evening banquet at the Springside Inn in Auburn. Attendees were addressed by Hope Batcheller, founder, and Benjamin Van Doren, President, of the New York State Young Birders Club (NYSYBC). The young birders are an impressive group of enthusiastic, and knowledgeable birders who bode well for the future of birding and bird conservation in New York.

Several awards were presented this year. Awards Chair, Gail Kirch introduced the Lillian Stoner Award winners: Carolyn Sedgwick from Cayuga Bird Club, Hope Batcheller, from the NYSYBC, Jacob Drucker, from the NYSYBC and the Linnaean Society of New York, and Benjamin Van Doren from the NYSYBC. Kirch presented the Gordon M. Meade Award for distinguished service to NYSOA to Tim Baird. Bob Spahn presented the John J. Elliott award for an outstanding article in The Kingbird to Shaibal Mitra for his article "Regular Inshore Occurrence of Non-breeding Arctic Terns (Sterna paradisea) During Summer on Long Island, NY". (Kingbird, Vol.59, No1, March 2009)

Richard Crossley, photo by Carena Pooth
Banquet Keynote Speaker Richard Crossley

The comedy team of Schneider and Mason provided an entertaining skit during the drawing for the raffle prizes (see related note on page 4).

The banquet speaker was Richard Crossley, coauthor of The Shorebird Guide, who gave an entertaining and visually impressive talk on novel ways to look at bird identification and the importance of popularizing birding as an outdoor activity.

NYSOA is grateful to Gerry Smith, President of Onondaga Audubon Society, his co-chair Frank Moses, director of the Montezuma Audubon Center, and Committee members Carol Adams, Maryanne Adams, Diane Emord, Shanti Shoemaker, and Liz Williams. Their willingness to step forward as hosts for this meeting, and their hard work resulted in a great weekend.

Carena Pooth announced that the Ralph T. Waterman Bird Club will host the 2011 Annual meeting in Dutchess County. Hosts for future meetings are needed. The NSYOA Annual Meeting weekends, hosted by member organizations, are invaluable as a unifying force for NYSOA. Please consider having your group host a meeting. Contact any officer or board member for more information and assistance in this endeavor.


Published in New York Birders, October 2010

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